A COFFEE ROASTER BY LI-BRA-RY at Warehouse 30 is the newest coffee shop from Library, hidden away in an old warehouse. It is “vintage” version of Library’s unique shops which we invite you to experience.

Even though the interior is decorated in dark somber colors and the walls are covered with old corrugated tin panels in the raw industrial warehouse style, the vast open space creates a pleasant atmosphere. The combination of bright lights and high ceilings make it an airy, comfortable spot to hang out, relax, have a snack while chatting and sipping the finest coffee chosen to please “real coffee lovers”.

Beyond the bar you will see the huge Coffee Roaster featured in the shop’s name. Coffee is roasted here, packed in bags and put on sale. The Barista told us that different beans from various specially selected sources are used according to their roasting schedule. If you have a favorite you may call to check to see what varieties are available that day.

If you are not a coffee lover, you can indulge in something else from the new Drink Menu. And visitors can also choose to enjoy signature snack items from such as Library’s famous Pandan Waffles or mouthwatering bakery items like brownies and croissants. No matter what type of coffee, drink or snack you choose, we guarantee your coffee break will be more mellow than ever!


Warehouse 6

Operating Hours

11:00 am – 8:00 pm, daily.