“We make Tables and make them well”

Peter Tendercool and Stephanie Grusenmeyer are founders and design directors of P.Tenderood, a Bangkok based Haute Manufacture company. P.Tendercool ‘makes Tables and make them well”, unique bespoke tables of the highest international standards and hand crafted for some of the most discerning clients and interior designers in the world. Belgian designers in Bangkok: Cross Cultural Creations

They make Grand tables you will love to use and abuse. For anybody who love to cook, eat, drink and party: All big moments in life are celebrated around a table, the true centre of a home. Some, like Jack Nicholson in The Postman… or Pacino in Scarface, found other ways to enjoy one. Whichever your vice, chances are a table is near… so why not get a nice one? One your children will actually love to inherit.

They invented nothing new. They use our hands and hearts. hey are experts in the age-old ad of ‘French polishing’, follow 18th century French recipes to mix our waxes and oils, and import the best ingredients from France and Brazil. An antiques restorer mentors our carpenters. Armando, Our 75-year old Italian bronze master excels in the same 5000-year old techniques people in the Bronze age used.

They bring quality through supreme Craftsmanship and joined expertise, honouring and rokAng ancient techniques. We use the best materials we can and and create with mom than a little Mojo.


Chavanich Building, 1st floor.

Operating Hours

open Mon-Sat, 10:00-18:30.
Or by appointment.