If you go to Warehouse 30 often, the name Horse Unit in warehouse 4 may sound familiar. But you may not realize the uniqueness of this fashionable store which brings together vintage military uniforms, apparel, and gear that were captured from World Wars I and II and various other wars around the world.

Mr. Thammanoon Maipim (Khun Bas) has carefully selected each item in his shop for enjoyable Mix and Match shopping. You can make a new fashion statement around vintage military clothing such as camouflage and denim jackets, hooded parkas, workers overalls, and sweat shirts from everywhere and scads of accessories such as bags, medals, Tee shirts and shoes.

For home décor, Khun Bass sourced an impressive supply of military deadstock items such as metal field desks and chairs, lockers, benches, chests and tools. He has vintage bric a brac from all over the world to blend with this furniture: wall hangings (war posters, flags, stop signs, framed black and white photos), small area rugs, figurines of many kinds (bulldogs, horses, wolves, Saint Mary, Jesus), and so much more. These unique pieces each have striking graphics, beautiful text or some other gimmick to attract the collector’s eye.

Anyone who appreciates vintage clothing and military paraphernalia or enjoys collecting antiques will be delighted to find so many pleasing and unusual items at warehouse 4.

That is not all you will find in warehouse 4, Horse Unit shares space with Woot Woot, a lovely life style shop perched on the balcony of the Horse Unit, reached by the sturdy wooden staircase.

Ms. Pattanun Tanintechapat (Khun Toung) the owner, studied jewelry design at Silpakorn University where she developed her own style of hand-crafted jewelry using natural mineral crystals as well as highly polished semi-precious stones. A fan of decorative arts, she also started collecting, as a hobby, vintage items for home décor She lovingly selected every item in her collection, but eventually had too much!

She opened Woot Woot for two reasons. First, as a collector, she was eager to attract like-minded people to trade stories about their own things as they took a look at hers. In addition, she thought such people might also appreciate her unique collection of mineral crystals and beautiful stones. So that is why you will find them on display among the vast selection of vintage decorations for your home. Cool stuff like framed butterflies (or spiders if you prefer), maps, mirrors, posters (“wild flower specimans,” “cactus and succulents”), statues and busts, bells, boxes, and vases are mixed in between all types of plants and cacti guaranteed to thrive indoors.

Anybody browsing in this shop will fully understand the meaning of “Woot Woot” and is guaranteed to come away with some good ideas to bring home.


Warehouse 4

Operating Hours

11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Closed on Wednesday