Alexander Lamont

Designer Alexander Lamont’s practice is all about revealing the soul of natural materials through extraordinary craftsmanship. His Bangkok workshop of over 100 dedicated artisans transforms shagreen, parchment, straw, and even lustrous metals like gold leaf and bronze to bring his seductive designs to life.

Inspired by the luminous decorative arts of Europe and Japan during the early twentieth century, Alexander Lamont’s collections of furniture, lighting and accessories are an expression of his dedication to meticulous workmanship, rare materials and an aesthetic taste refined by a life lived between East and West. Long forgotten, hard-won and highly prized skills are evident on every piece, whether surfaced by translucent raw shagreen, slivers of straw marquetry, rich black natural lacquer or hand patinated bronze. By reviving the precious traditions of the past in his own workshops and applying the luxuries of time and skill to elegant and contemporary designs, Lamont creates elements of vitality that dwell in the margin between art and furniture.

“I am interested in the meeting point of natural materials, time and form. The resulting works contain a vibrancy of surface created by the hours, hands and eyes that nourished them.” Alexander Lamont


Charoenkrung 30

Operating Hours

Opening hours: 09:00 – 21:00, daily.