333Anywhere, International Contemporary Art Gallery and Fine Art Organizer is busy renovating Warehouse 5  at Warehouse 30 as it leaps from the realm of Thai Contemporary Arts , South East Asian Contemporary Arts and Asian Contemporary Arts to the realm of International Contemporary Arts.

The spacious new gallery provides 420 square meters of floorspace and an astounding ceiling height that allows works taller than 8 meters to be displayed.

The owners …… of ………intend that Thai Contemporary Artists can use this space as they grow, develop, and progress. Local artists can showcase their work to international countries, and those Thai artists who have already exhibited their work abroad can use this space to introduce their work to fellow Thais.

The owners will encourage both Thai Curators and International Curators to show their magic in organizing exhibitions here. Thais and foreigners alike can enjoy the exhibitions and come to know more about art as a result.

Of course Art Collectors, both new and old, will come here to meet with like-minded art lovers to talk and share their knowledge of International Contemporary Art, and especially Thai Contemporary Art in Thailand. The art and culture of each country will be revealed and shared among these devotees.

The goal of bringing Artists, Curators, Art Lovers and Art Collectors together at 333Anywhere is to ensure that the identity of Thai Contemporary Art will be so indelibly established that it will be recognized and remembered always and never disappear from the World!



Warehouse 5

Operating Hours

Opening soon.