ATTA 'N' ATTA Art Space

A unique space for art lovers who want to add art to their lives and add wearable art to their styles.

ATTA ‘N’ ATTA Art Space houses two specialized galleries, ATTA Gallery* and ‘N’ ATTA Gallery**, in their new, exciting and more expansive space. Additionally, there will be a dedicated “common” area set aside for exhibiting and promoting lifestyle arts and design objects curated by partnered and invited curators.
ATTA ‘N’ ATTA Art Space aims to allow the audience to get familiarized with and be comfortable around “unconventional” art forms, to encourage them to fall in love with art and eventually, to assist them in adding art into their homes and their lives.
* ATTA Gallery, founded in 2010, is an internationally known gallery specializing in contemporary art jewelry or wearable art by internationally-recognized jewelry artists.
** ‘N’ ATTA Gallery, founded is 2019, is a homegrown gallery that focuses on small-sized material-based art by both local and international artists.



Operating Hours

Coming soon.